Create Instance Pool

This page assumes that you have already created and selected an environment.


After entering the name of your instance pool you can specify the provider (configured on your environment) on which to deploy instances. You can also choose External Host.

select provider

This list is determined by the providers you have configured when creating your environment. You can update these providers at any time.

Instance type

You can then choose the type of instance that will be deployed within this instance pool.

select instance type


Then you can add one or more optional tags. These tags are then used to apply deployment constraints to your services.

Auto scaling

Choose whether you want autoscaling for your instance pool. This option allows you to set a minimum and maximum number of instances to deploy within this instance pool.

Read more about auto scaling

instance autoscaling

By setting up scaling with a minimum count of 0, no instances will be deployed by default in this instance pool. An instance will then be deployed as needed.

The cooldown is a value in minutes that represents the minimum time to wait between two scaling operations.

Down strategy

This allows you to enable or disable the replacement of an instance that is down within your instance pool. You can select the delay in minutes before the instance is considered down and replaced.

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down strategy


You can add additional disk volumes to your instances. You also have the option to attach an existing NFS configurationt.